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Reverse Auction

Reverse auctions create a competitive environment in which buyers realise a saving on procurement needs by enabling suppliers to bid electronically. Typically an e-RA (electronic Reverse Auction) provides a 8 - 24% saving compared to a more traditional procurement model.

Reverse auctions enables purchasing requirements to be listed on a portal. Suppliers are then able to competitively bid on the requirements (services, products and commodities), in a reverse auction approach (i.e. the lowest bidder wins).

Web based B2B Reverse Auction is an innovative tool which offer:

  • real-time access to the marketplace

  • increase competition

  • lower costs

  • save time

  • Increase transparency

Reverse Auction Process model

Forward Auction

Forward auctions enable selling requirements to be listed on a portal. Buyers are then able to competitvely bid on the requirements (products & commodities), in a forward auction (e-FA) approach (i.e the highest bidder wins)

Web based B2B Forward Auction is one such innovative tool which offer:

  • real-time access to the marketplace

  • increase competition

  • Maximize sales price

  • save time

  • Increase transparency

Forward auction processing flow

Key Features
  • User friendly e-Auction system

  • Transparency

  • Auto time extension

  • Guided bidding for correct bid submission

  • Secure system

  • Bidder login information available

  • Cross currency bidding possible

  • Reduced marketing costs for vendors

  • Increased user efficiencies



We position ourselves among our customer as total services provider for E-Auctions and encourage them to outsource more and more procurement related processes:

  • Searching vendors for the specific item(s) to be procured

  • Providing training to vendors on our platform at site, on email, web-chat etc.

  • Setting up the auction and sending the invites to the vendors

  • Vendor helpdesk follows up on participation and support during the process

  • Conducting auctions with real-time coordination with Buyers/Sellers

  • Consolidated & customized reporting as per customer requirement



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